Why is Vinyl Fencing Better Than Wood Fencing?


Vinyl or PVC fences have become increasingly popular since they were first introduced in the United States during the 1980s. While wood is still around, vinyl is quickly becoming the top pick among homeowners and businesses in search of a quality fencing solution for their property. Here are 4 main reasons why Martin Fence Co. chooses vinyl over wood.



Vinyl fencing is made of high-quality synthetic plastics or various recycled plastics, making it much more durable than wood. Not only does vinyl last longer than wood, but it also requires little to no maintenance. On average, wood fence have a life expectancy of 7-10 years while a vinyl fence can last 20-30 years. 


Unlike wood, Vinyl is impervious to the common perpetrators – termites, fungus, dry rot, and UV damage. This feature is one of the main reasons vinyl fencing last up to 3x longer than wood fence. Aside from Vinyl, very few wood fencing alternatives can stand long term exposure to South Florida’s tropical climate. Vinyl maintains structure and appearance in all types of climates (hot, cold, dry and wet) while wood is more susceptible to warping, cracking and fading under these weather conditions. 


Vinyl fencing comes available in a wide selection of styles, rail sizes, colors, and decorative tops. With vinyl you can turn your picket, privacy or rail ranch fence into more than just a barrier wall, it can be a reflection of your personal style. There is even a wood grain color option for those who enjoy the appearance of wood but are after the durability of vinyl.


Wood fencing has been known to attract insects, including termite colonies. These structural integrity of wood fence. Harm highly flammable and can put your family and home in a great deal of danger. Barbecues and fire pits can go downhill fast if flames come in contact with a wooden fence. On the other hand, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has been tested and proven to not burn easily and self extinguish if exposed to flames. For this obvious reason, vinyl fencing is a safer alternative to the traditional wooden fence.


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