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Fencing Repair in Palm Beach County

One critical component of a home is the fence. Not only does it work to mark the borderlines of your property and enhance the overall value of your home, but it is also a great way to keep your family – especially children and pets – safe.


Fencing is also an essential aspect of commercial buildings as it helps boost the security of the place and the safety of the people there. In addition, it also helps with the beauty aspect of your property besides giving you privacy. There are different types of fences that you can consider choosing for your home – these range from wood, aluminum, vinyl, chain link, PVC or wrought iron. While wood fencing may be an easy DIY project, it might not always go as needed especially if one doesn’t have the right experience. On the other hand, other types of fencing such as wrought iron, aluminum or chain link need you to get an experienced contractor.


Fence Damage

Although fences are a great component of your home, they are also prone to damage. Damage to your fence can be caused by several factors depending on the type of fence you have installed around your property. There are a few reasons why your fence may get damaged.

To start us off is improper usage. If a fence isn’t used in the right way, it could easily get damaged. Improper usage could mean using the fence to hang things or hold heavy objects.


If this is the case, there is no doubt that the fence will soon be in need of repairs. If your fence isn’t maintained regularly, that could also lead to damage and hence the need for repairs.

Severe natural conditions such as floods or earthquakes can also damage a fence. Because water from floods usually has debris, this debris could easily damage your fence. Different types of accidents can also ruin your fence. A car accident or children playing on the fence is also another cause of fence damage.


Fence Repairs

As mentioned, inspecting and having your fence regularly maintained can help keep your fence in the desired state. There are different solutions for your fence maintenance depending on the material used. For instance, you can ensure that you frequently remove the debris from around your gate. For those with wooden fences, call an exterminator in case of ants.

However, should your fence get damaged, you can hire the services of an experienced contractor who can do the necessary repairs. In the event that it’s just a section of the fence that is damaged, your contractor can simply repair that area or advise on what to do.


The quicker you get your fence repaired, the better as you not only risk the security of your property but if left for a long time with no repair, your entire fence could get damaged.

As mentioned, while a DIY project can save you money when it comes to repairs, you might not necessarily be equipped to do it and might end up doing more harm than good. Get a professional to get your fence looking brand new as possible.


  • Minimum service charge: $150
  • Repair Code Violation Item
  • Access Control Equipment UL 325 Compliance
  • Self-Closing and Self Latching Gate Hardware


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