Fencing Requirements in Tropical South Florida

tropical storm


South Florida is a magnet for hurricanes and tropical storms. According to the National Weather Service, hurricane season spans for May 15th to November 30th. During season, whipping winds, torrential downpours and flying debris can pose a major threat to your home. Miami-Dade and Broward County  are considered a “high-velocity hurricane zone”. Homeowners in the zone are required to follow guidelines under the 2001 Florida Building Code when installing or repairing a fence. “Those replacing an entire fence, or 75 percent or more of the structure, must rebuild it to meet the 2001 code”, said Bill Dumbaugh, Broward’s chief structural code-compliance officer. For spot repairs, the 2001 standards do not apply if repairs are 25 percent or less of a fence’s total length. Palm Beach County is not considered a “high-velocity hurricane zone” and  therefore, homeowners are not required to adhere to the 2001 Fencing Code. 


2001 Fencing Code for Hurricane Zones 

  • Chain-link fence require a post every 10 feet
  • Size and weight of post increase for higher chain link fence
  • A 4-by-4-foot post every four feet for a 6-foot-high wooden fence
  • A post every five feet for a 5-foot-high wooden fence
  • A post every six feet for a 4-foot-high wooden fence


What are the best types on fencing for hurricanes? 


Galvanized chain link and aluminum or steel are the most hurricane resistant types of fence. Unlike wood, these fencing materials can withstand high winds, heavy rain and missile-like debris. Open links and panels allow wind to pass through without causing damage. Galvanized chain link and aluminum are water-resistant and offer maximum durability against the harshest of tropical weather conditions.


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