All you need to know about Fence Repair and Replacement


Martin Fence Co. has been building and repairing fences for over 40 years. Our clients know they can rely on us for professional fencing installation and repair.

Though fences usually last for years, a broken or damaged fence can be hazardous. As a home or business property owner, read on to answer some of your questions regarding fence repair.


Common causes of Fence Damage:



  • High winds or strong storms can damage fences


Vehicles and Equipment:

  • Fences can be damaged by vehicle and equipment accidents


Poor Maintenance & Vandalism:

  • Fencing should be maintained. To protect your property, any necessary repairs should be made when apparent. Vandalism is another common cause of fences getting damaged and requiring repair.


Is it time for Fence Repair?


Here are some signs that indicate it’s the time for you to fix your fence:


  • If your fence has been damaged by vehicles, fallen trees, or a major
  • If there are missing or broken pieces in the fencing.
  • The fence is leaning, sagging, or has any gaps or holes.


Repair Vs. Replacement:


Fence repair increases the longevity of the fence, reducing the need for fence replacement.

If the damage to your fence is beyond repair, replacing the entire fence may be the only solution available.

Fence repair is practical and cost-effective solution. All types of fencing and styles can be repaired. Martin Fence Co. specializes in these types of fence repair.

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