A Simple Guide to Fencing

Everyone likes options, and with fencing you have plenty! Nowadays, fencing is available in a wide variety of materials, heights, colors, and designs. Whether you are interested in a fence for privacy, containment or security, you can do so in style. The “right” type of fencing depends on many factors, such as purpose, functionality, appearance, and durability. Below is an introduction to the different types of fencing offered by Martin Fence Co. Call 561-848-2688 to let our experts help you choose the fence that is right for you!




1 – Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is constructed with steel wires that are woven together in a diamond shape pattern. A hot dipped galvanized steel fence is one that has been woven and run through a bath of molten zinc. The hot dipped galvanizing protects the steel from rust and corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. Hot dipped galvanized chain link fencing comes in a variety of sizes and gauges. This type of fencing can be used anywhere from your backyard to an industrial facility. Aside from being cost effective, a major advantage of chain link fencing is that it offers perimeter security and maximum visibility. 




2 – Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fencing 

Vinyl coated chain link fencing is comparable to galvanized chain link fencing. Both are constructed with woven steel wires and galvanized for protection against rust and corrosion. A vinyl coated chain link fence offers a variety of heights and colors to allow for more choice in landscape design. Vinyl coated fencing is an affordable option for a variety of residential and commercial uses. 




3 – Ornamental Aluminum or Steel Fencing

Ornamental aluminum fencing is commonly used to enclose swimming pools, contain pets and children, and define property lines.  This type of fencing offers a variety of size, color and style options for residential and commercial applications. Aluminum walk gates and driveway gates can be customized to enhance every property. Aluminum will not rust and is maintenance free. Martin Fence Co. offers superior powder coated aluminum and steel fencing products that are built to withstand the harshest conditions and made in the USA.


a simple guide to fencing


4 – Vinyl Fencing (Picket, Privacy and Rail Ranch)

Vinyl or PVC fence is made of high-quality synthetic plastics that are extremely durable. When installed by Martin Fence Co., vinyl fence can last 20-30 years. Unlike a wooden fence, vinyl fencing is impervious to pests, dry rot, and damage due to tropical climate conditions. For this reason, vinyl fencing is a popular alternative to wood fencing among savvy homeowner. Style options include picket, privacy/semi-privacy, and rail ranch. These styles are available in a wide selection of rail sizes, colors, and decorative tops. Martin Fence Co. vinyl fencing products are guaranteed without defect and backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. 

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