Hiring a fencing contractor? Avoid these costly mistakes

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Choose the right fencing contractor


There are many meticulous tasks involved when installing a fence, such as delineating fence lines, digging proper post holes, mixing and safely placing concrete, and securely installing pickets or posts, to name a few. It’s a job for professionals. Search around for contractors that are licensed and insured, so you’re not held responsible for damages or injuries.


Look for contracting businesses that have a physical presence in your area, such as a valid business location. Read online testimonials, check their ratings, and talk to friends or family to help you get an idea of their work.


Choosing the right the materials


Many people are looking for a quick job and put little thought into what materials are used to build fences. Lower quality materials often fall apart sooner and cost more money in the long term to maintain and repair. One way to avoid this issue is to ask for samples of the material and ask questions about the long-term maintenance it will require.


Check for utilities


Schedule an appointment with potential contractors and don’t be afraid to ask questions, says Rob Greene, the owner of Martin Fence Co. in West Palm Beach. Check to see if the contracting company has permission to dig from local building officials. If you are planning to penetrate the ground in Florida, it is required that you check for utilities before digging. If your contractor does not follow the proper procedures as outlined by Florida State Law, it could be dangerous, and leave you on the hook for any damages.


Get the proper permits


The contracting company should also have relevant building permits. “Not having the correct permits could hold you up the real estate closing process when you go to sell your house. Unpermitted work on your property must be disclosed to potential buyers. It may scare away buyers, or cause you to have to discount your listing price”, says local real estate agent Nicholas Kukla.


Establish payment and project timelines


Before any work begins, discuss a timeframe with your contractor. Doing so will help you determine whom to contact should something go awry with the project. Discuss your payment plan also. Make sure you and your contractor are on the same page with all aspects of the project before proceeding further.


Finding and choosing the right contractor is not easy. You have to gather information, compare prices, and schedule meetings. However, taking the time and effort to find a good fit for you and your home will pay off in the long run.


“It doesn’t hurt to hire a contractor that’s been around for a long time,” says Martin Fence owner Rob Greene. “You can ask them for examples of their previous projects and ask around about their reputation. We have been serving people in South Florida for over 40 years. We use high-quality materials because they last longer and require less maintenance,” says Greene. “About 95% of those materials are made in America. Our projects and customers mean a lot to us, which is why we put so much passion and dedication into what we do”. You can view some of their work here.


To learn more about Martin Fence, visit martinfence.com.

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