Aluminum Fencing

aluminmum fence

Aluminum fencing provides all the aesthetic appeal and durability of a traditional wrought iron fence, but without the maintenance and expense. These fences come in a range of colors, designs, and heights, suitable for both residential and commercial properties.


If you want to up the value and security of your home or business premises,  consider using aluminum fencing.


Aluminum fencing is a beautiful addition to any property. It provides low maintenance containment while adding an aesthetic appeal that’s hard to beat. 

Many aluminum fences also have hidden screws and picket fasteners, which add to their beauty. These fences are also powder-coated, making them weather-proof and resistant to corrosive elements like rust.


Adding a gate to your aluminum fence is quick and easy, and makes them more convenient in terms of access and functionality. Expect to get fencing panels in colors like black, bronze, and white. Also in gloss or fine texture finishes.

The cost of aluminum fencing is lower than traditional wrought iron fencing.


Unlike wrought iron fences, which can rust and require maintenance, aluminum fences can go for years without repainting as they come with protective powder coats. To maintain the appearance of this type of fencing, you only need to wipe it clean of debris with mild soap and warm water.


If your property has a slope, you’ll want to install a rackable fence, since these types of fences are specifically designed to fit the slope of the land.

Aluminum fence installations allow you to conveniently overcome the terrain, reliably fencing off the land despite the slope. Racked fences adjust to the slope of the area without the need for stair-stepped sections, and “wrap around” the property, eliminating most gaps between the fence and the ground level.

They end up looking professional and importantly will contain pets, and other animals from creeping in beneath the fence.  


An aluminum fence will give you the peace of mind and protection you need for your property.


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