Why is Galvanized Fencing Important?

Galvanized fences are important since they protect fences in all weather conditions. Wooden fences are known to rot and attract insect infestation. Also, stone walls may crack under certain conditions. Galvanization fencing is steel fencing products that are coated in zinc. Basically, these are some of the reasons why galvanization is important.




Rust is the oxidation of iron. Galvanizing the use of zinc helps to protect the iron from getting into contact with oxygen directly hence reducing rust levels and extending the durability of your fence. Galvanizing simply involves you coating the iron fence in zinc.



Weather changes

High temperatures increase the wearing out of walls. Stone walls crack due to extreme temperature variance and the lack of a proper foundation. On the other hand, wooden fences warp and rot due to the wet weather. Galvanized fences are widely known to prove protection and are durable even in extreme temperature variations. In the recent past, standards have been set to control how galvanized fences are made to ensure safety and durability, which is why it is critical to consult with a professional. How you erect your fence also determine the durability of the galvanized fence.




There are various standards in the galvanizing process that must not be overlooked. Check with material suppliers and manufacturers to confirm that all products are new and without defect. Determine the speed of corrosion in the area the fence will be placed before purchasing. Arid areas are known to be slow in corrosion activities on the other hand places with high pollutants generally have high corrosive properties. Sulfur compounds are known to highly increase the rate of corrosion and hence you should have a thicker layer of zinc on the fences.




The weight of zinc coating on the galvanized fence directly affects the durability of the fence. A zinc coating with a width of 85 nanometers is likely to last for 40-50 years in a C2 environment. A C2 environment has fewer corrosive factors. Regular maintenance after 5 years improves the durability and longevity of the fence. It is always advised that you should seek an expert opinion before investing in installing a galvanized.

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